Protest at Romanian Parliament against the law for Rosia Montana’s destruction

6 09 2013

Today, September 6th, 2013, fourteen Re.Generation and Alburnus Maior activists blocked one of the main entrances in the Parliament installing a tripod and using U-lock devices, protesting  for saving Rosia Montana. They requested the immediate cancellation of the law proposal regarding the mining project at Rosia Montana, recently approved by the Government and sent to the Parliament towards approval. The action was brutally interrupted shortly after, and the activists were placed under arrest and taken to the police station.

Around 10.30 AM the activists blocked one of the main entrances of the House of Parliament building, with a tripod installation on top of which one activist had climbed and was holding a banner with the slogan “Save Rosia Montana!”; another activist had chained herself to the base of the tripod using a U-lock device.

“Cancel the law of destroying Rosia Montana now!” was the activists’ main demand addressed to the deputies and senators of the Parliament.  The peaceful protest was brutally interrupted by the Romanian police forces. The last removed activists were the ones on top of and chained to the tripod.

“The way the police acted was unacceptable. Despite our warnings, we were taken by force by the police having our lives endangered during the moment of brutal evacuation, due to the fact that some of us were still chained to the tripod installation”, declared one of the activists.

“This action comes after five days of street protests organized in many cities of the country and also abroad against this law created especially for the private mining company Rosia Montana Gold Corporation. We consider this law proposal as being severely unconstitutional and the greatest crime committed by the Government up until now in what regards Rosia Montana. We are not going to stop here and will continue protesting until this law will be cancelled”, declared another activist that participated in this protest.

Re.Generation and Alburnus Maior strongly oppose the approval of the Law of mining for Rosia Montana, and condemns this initiative dedicated fully to the private mining company Rosia Montana Gold Corporation

On August 27th 2013, the Government voted the law project regarding gold and silver exploitation of Rosia Montana region, following in the next period, by the Parliament’s debate and vote of the law project. The special Law proposed by the Government declares the mining project as being of national interest and mentions that Rosia Montana Gold Corporation is not obliged to follow any law, and that the Romanian State assumes responsibility for issuing of any notice and law waivers necessary for the start of the project.

If this law is to be approved, the locals that oppose the mining project are to be expropriated in a very short time without any right to appeal by the private mining company, designated as state representative in the expropriation matters. This law project replaces the legal and democratic evaluation of the mining project proposed at Rosia Montana, and transfers to the members of Parliament a decision which cannot be taken without thorough knowledge of the mining project and its consequences.

First part of the protest:

The abuses commited by the uniform and undercover policemen:




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