Handy information: (almost) everything about the Roșia Montană mining project

11 09 2013

September 11, 2013

1. What is Roșia Montană ?

Roșia Montană is a commune in the Alba County , where the company Roșia Montană Gold Corporation wants to start Europe greatest surface gold mine using cyanide.

Also, Roșia Montană is the oldest mining town in Romania, documented 1882 years ago. Roșia Montană is one of the most important historical places in Romania that preserves exceptional vestiges, scientific tracks of the Romanian people passing through history from antiquity to the present day. It is about more than 7 km of Roman mining galleries, plus over 80 km of medieval and modern galleries, a mining fair and hydraulic works from the first half of the eighteenth century. Moreover, in Roșia Montană you can find dozens of buildings with impressive architecture for the place’s history, some classified as historic monuments.

If you want to read more about Roșia Montană and its cultural and natural heritage: http://tinyurl.com/owojp3p

Other sites with information:

Nature: http://www.drumulaurului.ro/RO/index_Rosia_Montana.htm

Culture: http://www.simpara.ro/Nota%20de%20fundamentare%20Lista%20tentativa%20Rosia%20Montana.pdf

2. What does Roșia Montană look like ?

It doesn’t matter if you have been in Roșia Montană or not, for you to want a clean and fair future for it. Whether you were there or not , the right to a healthy and balanced environment , the right to culture, information and freedom of expression is true and concerns us all.

Here is a series of pictures taken in Roșia Montană, with its mountains and valleys, the inhabitants and cultural heritage that are making it so rich: http://www.RosiaMontanainimagini.ro/

3. Proposed mining project in Roșia Montană

According to company documents, the proposed mine pits for the operation consist of 4 gold / silver quarries , two quarries for construction material and several heaps . Operating at full capacity (24 /7), proposed mine evacuation is 70,000 tons of gravel per day or 500,000 tons of gravel per week. It would use 13 to 15 million kilograms of cyanide per year for 16 years of mining.

While at Roșia Montană would conduct its mining the adjacent valley Corna Valley would be transformed into a storage pond of 250 million tons of tailings. Waste will be supported by a pier measuring one kilometer length and 185 meters high.

The exploitation is to be made on 1346 ha, meaning the relocation of 2064 properties ,destruction of 975 homes, of which 41 heritage, the demolition of 7 churches , displacement of cemeteries, destruction of 7 kilometers of Roman and pre -Roman galleries and 80 kilometers of Medieval and Modern Time galleries.

4. The mining company

The company proposing the mining project is Roșia Montană Gold Corporation ( http://www.rmgc.ro ) , an association between the Canadian company Gabriel Resources ( 80, 69%) and local company Minvest ( 19.31 % (possibly reduced to 0.6 % by a capital increase by Gabriel Resources)). Gabriel Resources is a Canadian company tax registered in Barbados and in Toronto Stock Exchange ( TSX: GBU ) .

5. The environmental, social, cultural and economic impacts are explained on the Save Roșia Montană Campaign website: http://www.RosiaMontana.org/ro/pe-scurt-despre-proiectul-minier

What is a modern mine looking like? See here: http://tinyurl.com/pactzce

See how the mine would be spread compared to the city you live in: http://tinyurl.com/ogfy5n4

6. Sustainable development

One way the area can be developed, is by including the Roșia Montană mining site in the UNESCO World Heritage. Although the file of inclusion on the Tentative Listing was prepared by ARA association since 2007 and it has been submitted to the Ministry of Culture , one by one , the ministers of Culture refused to give their signature and to send documents to UNESCO .

Read more information here about UNESCO and other initiatives of Alburnus Maior : http://RosiaMontana.org/ro/node/293

Other mining in World Heritage sites: http://tinyurl.com/pt25ohz


7. Romanian institutions

For over 10 years , public officials helped Roșia Montană Gold Corporation to go through an simplified evaluation process and o receive the administrative papers necessary for the operation quickly and hidden from public eyes.

– The Roșia Montană mayor and City Council members voted in 2002 a general urban plan, which stated the area as one mono-industrial mining area. So far, this PUG is illegal.

– Over the years senators and deputies have proposed laws over laws to facilitate the commencement of operation : expropriation laws , blocking the banned cyanide mining law.

– Environment and Culture Ministers have signed out of protection of the law Roșia Montană monuments and agreed on their demolition and land cyanidation.

– Romania’s prime ministers and presidents have raised the price on the stock exchange of Gabriel Resources shares, making public statements, supporting the mining project and putting pressure on other employees involved in project evaluation.

– Opposition Political parties have pledged to save Roșia Montană , using Roșia Montană as a support in their election campaigns . Once in power, they continued to sustain the previous governments and the mining project.

Everyone, through newspapers and television have given false statements aimed to confuse people about the correct democratic evaluation of the mining project and the legitimacy of their intervention in this evaluation, getting people to either accept a required project for Romania or either hate those who do not allow the subject Roșia Montană to be overlooked.

8. European institutions

In 2010, the deputies of the European Parliament voted by 488 votes in favor, 48 against and 57 abstentions, a resolution that bans on the use of cyanide based mining technologies in the European Union . Unfortunately, the European Commission left the Member States to decide the implementation of this resolution in the national law.

Info here: https://regenerationromania.wordpress.com/2010/05/05/europa-fara-cianura/ here: https://regenerationromania.wordpress.com/2010/05/05/nici-europa-nu-gusta-cianura/

Know the history of over 10 years of Save Rosia Montană campaign here: http://tinyurl.com/ppcbxrk




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